Welcome to a boutique brand experience agency.

At Uncloudy & Co, we are brand agents and curators.

We support businesses on various stages of their lifecycle by building strong and resilient brands. We fuse strategy, creativity and technology to create high impact products, stories and experiences.

We are committed allies to business and creativity and we operate in a framework based on flexibility, quality and efficiency.

Our Thinking.

For us, working with a brand on a DNA level, all the way out to its various manifestations comes natural, and is a process that enhances brand clarity and brand equity. We provide an inspiring, thought through, consistent, seamless and meaningful experience for your brand, while securing the highest standards in the creative execution and keeping an eye for innovation. We believe that the experience of a brand ought to be holistic and extend from internal communication all the way out to all of its customers touch-points. That is why we think that creativity and strategy should be inseparable. Just as we think that clear and unspoiled communication does not have to be sterile and linear.

01.   Competition analysis / opportunity identification and framing.

02.   Positioning, brand platform development and holistic brand strategy.

03.   Futuristic customer experiences.

04.   Brand ecosystem, content and omni-channel strategy.

05.   Brand to business to customer modelling.

06.   Empowerment of in-house teams and training for optimisation.

07.   Storytelling brand expression and corporate communication.

08.   Brand identity / systems design.

09.   Creative concept development and campaigns.

10.   Brand assets management.

11.   High end UX/UI, visual development and product design.

12.    Digital toolkits and multi-platform development.


The Uncloudy way.

The benefits of working with a boutique agency are many. We believe in providing our clients with the concierge treatment. We create small multi-disciplinary teams to work close with our clients, adapting to their needs and simplifying processes. With the old agency models slowly becoming obsolete, Uncloudy & Co is aiming to become an intimate strategic partner to businesses on the brick of change while helping them solve complex problems with simple, refreshing solutions.

We pinpoint opportunities and we only engage with projects that can boost a business and increase its brand equity. Since we believe in the gig economy, we work with a lean center, and we handpick the right skills tailored to specific needs. Using our diverse and international network of world class specialists we offer high quality solutions to niche problems with zero waste. In other words, we are not seeking to sell a “standard” set up, since we are not bound by one.

Are you a start up? Talk to us

We are fully aware of the challenges and complexities that pave a start-up’s way to growth. Therefore, we offer special offers to start ups that seek to infuse brand experience at their very core from an early stage.

Have any business inquiries?

Drop us a line at:  hello@uncloudy.se