Uncloudy & Co is an awarded network agency that focuses on branding, gamification and marketing for the next stage of business.


At our core, we offer branding and digital services to businesses at every stage of their lifecycle, from startups to established organizations poised for transformative growth. Our approach is guided by our four core principles that we consistently apply to our every project. 



We pledge to provide clarity. Navigating intricate changing business landscapes, simplifying complexities, defining precise KPIs, and aligning seamlessly with a brand’s authentic purpose while avoiding unnecessary jargon.



We stand committed to the pursuit of quality and creative excellence, infusing every project with dedication to our superior standards. We strive to extend beyond mere execution, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds client expectations.



Our intimate understanding of entrepreneurs and first-hand experience with budget constraints uniquely positions us to guide you through smart budget allocation. Having founded and cultivated our own products and ventures, we place emphasis on priorities that truly matter for maximum return on your digital investment.



We are committed to a lean approach to asset creation, highlighting efficient asset reuse and a longevity plan for diverse touchpoint usage. Our “Zero Waste” pledge exclusively supports projects, products, and ventures with enduring vitality, ready for repurposing and rejuvenation.


We embrace a fully remote model with no overhead to serve our select international clientele from our small yet deeply expert team, while we use a highly curated, large network of specialists to extend flexibly our full-service capabilities. We seamlessly integrate strategy, creativity, and technology to craft high-impact products, stories, and experiences.


AI strategy & effectiveness
XR Studies, Roadmap & Development
Content Strategy & IA
Design Systems & Guidelines
E-commerce, Website & App Design
UI Design
Interaction Design
Full-Stack Development & CMS Implementation
Technical Consultation and Architecture


Brand Ecosystem & Roadmap
Brand Positioning & Architecture
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines & Playbooks
XR Concepts & Roadmap
Visual Design
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Asset Production (Video, 3D, Photography)
Brand Naming
Go-To-Market Strategy
Campaign Development

Collaboration models

“One size does not fit all”. This simple acknowledgment has shaped our three collaboration models. Our streamlined approach not only reduces proposal requests and simplifies project management for you but also enables us to optimize the blend of strategies and services, all within the ideal budget allocation for your needs.

+ Co-pilot

You need a co-pilot to help you prioritize your brand initiatives. Through our +Co-Pilot offering we delve into your organization, stakeholders, and objectives, sorting out the strategy for optimal investment and priorities. 
We ensure a clear and detailed road map and implementation plan, so that by the end, you know precisely what needs to be done.

Uncloudy Project

You explicitily know what you want. For those acquainted with agency interactions, our Uncloudy Project model will resonate. For newcomers, here’s the gist: we initiate by setting clear deliverables and deadlines, a structured approach that lays the foundation for our work together. And then we get the work done.

Uncloudy Futures

You find yourself awash with excitement at the prospect of emerging technologies like AI, VR, XR and the metaverse. Now, you contemplate how to leverage these advancements to elevate your business or understand if they are even relevant. Let us provide expert assistance in identifying opportunities and implementing emerging technologies within your organization.

Collective experience

We draw upon our collective experience, encompassing a range of industry-leading brands in automotive, manufacturing, banking, health, beauty, and beyond.


Our achievements stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. From being honoured with the prestigious “Innovative Agency of the Year” award at Corporate Vision, to our distinction as one of only 25 select cases for Meta in the entire Europe, showcasing our outstanding B2B capabilities in VR, and to being an integral part of the Awwwards ecosystem for eighth consecutive year, we boast an outstanding track record of accomplishments as a boutique agency.