Uncloudy is not just a name. It is a philosophy.

Uncloudy & Co is an awarded brand experience agency based in Sweden. We are a hub of creative thinkers, proficient in digital product creation, advertising, crafting identities and creating culture. Through edgy brand placement, thoughtful storytelling and flexible creativity, we try to build products and stories that matter to us and to our clients. We also have a thing for staring at the clouds.


We wear many hats. And believe in the power of few, but many. We could be the Hyphens as described by a wise industry expert here. Or simply put, people who are really good at doing more than one thing, without compromising quality. So, yes, we believe in keeping it small and sweet, and we believe it is a new way of working forward and better.

We are a collective of creative thinkers that try to build stories that matter to us, and to the brands we care for. Through edgy brand placement, thoughtful storytelling and flexible creativity, we try to cut through the noise and create value for our clients. At the same time, we aspire to build products and experiences on an open and collaborative basis.

One way or another, we are also involved with a series of prestigious and affluential organisations. From participating in juries, to being trusted affiliates, we always secure being updated with the latest and the greatest of the global creative and digital scene.


Fully aware of today’s challenges, we want to help brands to stay relevant and communicate in a meaningful manner.

As our digital habits gain more and more ground in our lives (like for instance, how, all of a sudden, we do not mind scrolling any longer and you did not either), the craft of communication has become more complex.

Through our extensive network of specialists from all around Europe, we stay ahead of the tech curve too. We create fitting work groups that will deliver the best brand image experience seamlessly, across all platforms and channels.

If you are interested for an unclouded collaboration, or want to know more about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@uncloudy.se

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