Florence Academy Of Art

Rebranding - Holistic Communication Strategy - Advertising - Web Presence

We reimagined the traditional institution’s brand and launched controversial – for the branch – campaign.

Florence Academy of Art

The background:

The Florence Academy of Art is a Traditional Art School with significant presence globally when it comes to training the best realist painters around the world. With schools in Florence/Italy, Gothenburg / Sweden and New York, the institution has been struggling to attract top talent from the Nordic countries.

This comes as no surprise, since the upheaval of digital art forms has signalled the beginning of the problems for traditional art schools around the world; even more so, for digital-savvy countries like Sweden. As a result to this, FAA, amongst other institutions, has been facing a surging challenge to bring in the right candidates.

Uncloudy & Co was assigned to help tackle the situation.


The challenge:

The field of traditional realist painting is a very niche area, adressing a very limited array of people. Upon our research, we realised that the majority of the general public in the area of Gothenburg was not even aware of the school’s presence in the country, but had heard of the sibling institution in Italy.


The campaign teaser makes subtle fun of icons of the digital vanguard.


The starting point:

We decided to create an awareness campaign, in order to spread word of the school on a local level. At the same time, we would freshen up the identity of the school, and turn the outlook of the traditional school from classic to something modern and engaging.


The creative:

“Maybe we had a bit too much screen time. And maybe the remedy to the digital generation’s biggest problem, digital fatigue, is to shut the computers and go analogue for a while.”

Taking off from that simple insight, we fleshed out our creative idea. We produced the campaign titled “Sense Your Creation” which invites modern desk creatives to experience the real world of senses through real interactions with real material. Together with our friends at Superstudio, we created a series of films, based on real testimonials, which are the internal monologues of analogue painters being present in the moment, while gazing at their freshly finished three-dimensional artwork.

It would be the first time that a traditional art school communicates with that tone of voice. The films were considered controversial and riotous, both within the art community and outside of it. The campaign was also picked up by international press.



– Focus film.   Not a social media commercial. 


– Precision film. Not a computer engineer success story. 


– Challenge film. Not a motivational cross fit ad.


The web presence:

We revised the overall identity of the school, to make it fresh and modern. At the same time, we created a new site and we anchored the campaign “ Sense Your Creation” to a landing page with relevant storytelling.

Experience The Florence Academy of Art online 



The activation:

We deviced a lean media plan using Facebook and Google, and targeted the diverse and spread niche audiences in the Nordic countries with a wide array of tailored ads. During a spree of a two month period, the daily traffic to the site went up by 1000%, the Facebook ads amassed hundreds of likes and comments and we managed to reach audiences out of the established art communities spreading awareness about the school. At the same time, in order to ground the campaign on the County of Västra Götaland we created supplementing OOH ads.

Finally, we were extremely happy to receive the silver trophy in the Summit Creative Awards 2017 in the Industry Self-Promotion category, for the work.