New online entry system for the acclaimed award show

We designed the online entry system for one of the most acclaimed award shows in the advertising industry. And we made a charitable cause out of it.



The Background
The international ANDY awards, run by the Advertising Club of New York for more than 50 years, is regarded as one of the most prestigious competitions in the ad industry. For a creative, winning an ANDY is a foundation for a skyrocketing career and corresponds to infinite glory.


Despite the ANDYs significance for the industry, many creatives around the world only experience the iconic brand online; and in specific, when they are called yearly to submit their best work for a chance to win the celebrated trophy.


We identified that the online entry system of the competition had room for improvement. Parts of the online submission process were tricky and unclear and would only lead to reaching out to the administration for clarifications. So, we designed a lean, self-explanatory online entry system, suggesting a series of simplifications to help improve the online experience of the ANDYs. And we took a small part of a historic transformation for the famous award show, better announced here:
ADage: The ANDYs eliminates categories
This project also resonated with our mission to help the creative industry get better, and more hygienic for creatives around the world. And we made a small case film about it. Yup. Poking fun to our industry, with zero guilt and maximum sense of self-sarcasm.