Zenuity Brand Film

We created the Zenuity brand film to launch in Las Vegas CES this year and designed the company’s product offering into a digital application.

The background

There is, arguably, a whole lot of buzz around autonomous driving at the moment. Presently, the automotive industry invests a lot of resources in developing autonomous driving technologies and advanced driver assistance systems. How can we tell a story that stands out to the end-user in the populated self-driving technology arena?


The challenge:

When B2B tech companies attempt explaining their products, they are inclined to do so in flat explainer film formats or informercials, restricted to those who understand tech already. When it comes to autonomous driving, things get even harder, since the general public cannot fully grasp the topic, due to the convolution of its subject matter. When we got the assignment from Zenuity to tell the story that showcases their product, we asked ourselves: how can we tell the Zenuity story in an authentic, visually appealing and relatable narrative? How can we break down autonomous driving for just about everyone, and tingle their senses at the same time? And how can we boost the Zenuity brand image in doing so?


Setting a new standard in tech storytelling:

Come to think of it, what is possible by 2021, the year anticipated for autonomous driving technology to hit the streets, is the material of science fiction. To add to that, the capacity of the software that will inhibit the self-driving automobiles of the future, is argued by many to surpass that of the human brain. In order to tap into the futuristic essence of the product’s aspects, we borrowed sensory queues from futuristic film classics, like 1982’s Blade Runner, dressed up Zenuity’s vision like a neon coloured science fiction short and told a story about safety, Zenuity’s strongest brand value.
And our main message? All this will be shortly within reach. Zenuity is “making Intelligent mobility Real”.

The film is filled with “easter eggs”: The world designed is Zenuity’s world, illuminated by neon signs that bare the company’s brand values and distinct messages.
The footage on the screens, whirling around midway into the film, is real footage collected in the streets of Gothenburg from the cameras of a Zenuity demo vehicle.
The cat making a “cameo” appearance in the film represents safety and intelligent mobility (an agile but independent domestic animal), which Zenuity stands for.
And the pendant which the cat wears, is shaped like the company’s emblem and stands for perpetuity: a subtle homage to another sci-fi classic, Men In Black (1997), where, Orion the cat bares the fate of a whole galaxy in its collar.



The teaser of the film was shown at the Auromobility Fair in Los Angeles. The film itself, is part of a communication kit we produced for Zenuity. For the digital application included, we utilised parts from the film to better showcase the company’s product portfolio.

The film aired during January 2019 in CES in Las Vegas.
Ever since, it is broadcasted online and it is braced consistently during press conferences and B2B events in various venues in Sweden, USA and China and it has been featured in the Ads Of The World  and the Little Black Book Of Creativity.

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