Uncloudy Lab.

In our Uncloudy Lab we try to find answers to “what ifs”. These “what ifs” sometimes derive from challenges we face working with clients, others from the obstacles we come across in our daily routines. When we detect a pattern, we aim to solve it with the help of creativity and tech. Sometimes, during such sessions, we bump across an idea that we decide to develop further as a product. Call it a spark of genius or a sign of madness, we truly believe that the best ideas emerge from our friction with mundane everyday tasks (doing the bills) or cheap thrills (a tense video game session). No matter the case, we strive to create solutions that simplify and optimise the human to human, or the human to machine experience.


We call our first product Mangdo.
Mangdo is an Augmented Reality innovation. Since it’s still under wraps, we cannot unveil much more than the teaser.