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Holistic brand experience means experiential solutions that cover the full spectrum of exchange between a brand and its key audiences. One of the most imminent new arenas for brands to thrive in that respect, is virtual and augmented reality. In our Uncloudy Labs we develop next generation immersive experiences for daring clients by mixing emotion, storytelling and cutting edge technology. Our key focus? Create universes, plots and storylines that inspire and instill a positive lasting impression in the minds of users. 

But this not all. While we explore ideas and potential solutions for clients, we very often find ourselves bumping into “what if” possibilities. Since we believe that the best ideas emerge at the fringes of such everyday rituals, we take these “what if” ideas all too seriously. Watch this space to also find out more about our upcoming projects within the virtual reality space, that commenced in such effortless and intuitive manner. 🙂

We crafted a high-end virtual reality experience for Zenuity. We placed the user inside a self-driving vehicle and created a demo that successfully marries the technical complexity of the product with sophisticated and immersive storytelling. Read more about the case here.

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Mangdo is an Augmented Reality innovation. Since it’s still under wraps, we cannot unveil much more than the teaser.

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